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Some eight years ago, I made the break. I left my overpriced, overly complicated and absurdly hectic place of birth with an amped up laptop and my favourite coffee mug. I’ve not looked back since and have no plans to go back. However, since joining the ranks of the burgeoning global digital nomad community, I’ve encountered some impracticalities that I’ve found can put a real downer on living the dream:

– Concentrating on anything even slightly complex in a regular cafe or bar, no matter how chilled, is very difficult. It can be done, but both productivity and ingenuity tend to suffer.

– Using a laptop for any appreciable amount of time whilst sitting on a bed or at a dressing table in a hotel room leads to serious backache and a feeling of isolation.

– Using almost any hotel / resort’s free WiFi will entail sharing the connection with at least one guy who is intent on downloading movies 24 hours a day, thereby decimating what little bandwidth is available.

– It’s not possible to keep track of interesting developments in the IT industry alone. ‘Talking shop’ with colleagues during breaks and social events at past jobs was, in retrospect, an extremely valuable source of information.

These are the impracticalities I’ve encountered – if they resonate with you, or have found your own set of downers, then: I’d very much like to invite you to Focus.

focus – the mission

Focus is not intended as a money-maker. The intention is to sustainably provide myself and others sharing my passion for digital creativity with a place to create and collaborate. In tropical paradise.


Focus offers a basic set of essential facilities with a top coat of style:

– Fibre optic Internet connection (Up to 20 MB down / 10 MB up) with 3G backup
– Air-conditioning
– British JIB registered electrician safety tested electrics, earthed power outlets, 2.4 amp USB chargers
– Various seating options; desk & office chair, stool & sidecounter or a big, comfy sofa
– Free tea and (instant) coffee. Hot & cold water tower, fridge
– High standard of d├ęcor with a Thai influence
– Real coffee, pizza, beach, restaurants and bars all within 25 metres


Focus is centrally located in the sleepy fishing village of Chaloklum on the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. The village is home to a diverse community of local fishermen and business owners, scuba divers, yogis, hippies, holidaymakers and a growing number of digital nomads. Chaloklum is at the north end of the island, which places it as far from the infamous full moon party as possible.

Chaloklum Bay

Chaloklum in a nutshell:

– White sandy bay and turquoise waters completely surrounded by jungle
– Good selection of coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and bars. And a busy 7-11
– Reasonably priced accommodation over a wide range of budget levels
– Nearby activities include scuba diving, yoga, wakeboarding, gym, kitesurfing, muay Thai, pilates and more
– Supermarkets, banks, post office and other facilities a short drive away

Chaloklum Village


Monthly: 5000 Thai Baht
Weekly: 1500 Thai Baht
Daily: 350 Thai Baht

Please note spaces are limited. Longer term arrangements are preferred and so will be prioritised.

the rules

I don’t like rules, but just a few are necessary:

1) Focus is a place to concentrate – so, as in a library – take ALL conversations outside
2) No smoking (Thai law for air-conditioned premises). Vaporisers / electronic cigarettes are no problem
3) Don’t piss anyone off
4) Damages must be paid for
5) No illegal activity
6) Services and facilities provided by Focus can be altered or withdrawn at any time and without notice
7) Refunds are at the sole discretion of the proprietor who is also the sole arbiter in any dispute

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