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Welcome to my website. This site provides details of my pet projects:

All of these projects were implemented over the last ten years. The procedural animation system and bvhacker are all open source and are hosted on GitHub.

virtual worlds

I started my Second Life projects back in 2007 with bvhacker, a bvh file editor. I then founded Animazoo animations, a virtual worlds animation retail outlet in Second Life in partnership with Animazoo Ltd, UK.

By 2014, exciting developments in both hardware (Oculus Rift 2, Leap MotionEmotiv Insight) and software (High Fidelity Inc, SF, USA) made a lot of ideas possible. I bought an Oculus Rift and undertook an animation project for High Fidelity Inc. to produce a procedural animation system.

I am now planning to set up a Motion Capture Studio in Thailand where I can produce animation assets for sale in High Fidelity’s new virtual world.


In a life previous, I was a software developer, specialising primarily in C++ (video processing, network management tools) but also with smattering of Java (device porting for J2ME games).
I have bachelors degree in electrical and electronic engineering (audio systems specialisation) from Brunel University and a masters degree in computer science (multimedia applications and virtual environments, distinction grade) from The University of Sussex.

~ davedub dec 2017

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