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This is the help and support page for bvhacker. bvhacker is free to use, both commercially and otherwise, but if you do use it regularly all I ask is you make a $10 donation:

Converting CMU bvh files and zeroing joints

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Tutorial 3: Converting CMU bvh files for Second Life and 'blending' animations

Tutorial movie showing how to convert one of the CMU Daz friendly bvh files for Second Life.

Also shows the effect of zeroing out joints so that Second Life ignores them, effectively creating a blended animation that can play on top of another animation.

The bvh file for this tutorial can be downloaded from here.

Note: These bvh files are free to use for non-commercial enterprises only, you are not permitted to sell these animations

An overview of bvhacker's interface is available here

The menu commands are described here.

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